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  • Our Vision & Mission
  • Our 13 Points of Culture

1. Team work: We support each other and work together to achieve our objectives.

2. Urgency: We work with a sense of urgency to satisfy our customer needs.

3. Integrity: We focus on positive outcomes and believe in achieving this through honesty & integrity and building sustaining healthy business relationships.

4. Excellence: We expect that our service and product will be the best complimented with excellent people.

5. Commitment: We are committed to continually strive to improve ourselves and our products and services to best serve our customers.

6.Openness and Fairness: We commit to open communication and would embrace constructive feedback. Everyone is treated special and according to their own uniqueness.

7. Professionalism: We strive to earn respect of others through our words, works and achievements.

8. Systems: To have proper systems in place for every transaction. To test, measure, review and correct all processes and procedures implemented.

9. Ownership & Accountability: We have clear set of goals that we hold ourselves accountable for on our actions and responsibility. We share the credit and shoulder the blame. We reward when necessary and reprimand when needed.

10. Family, Friendship & Loyalty: We aren’t just building a company; we’re building a group of friends, a family. We’ll always be loyal to one another and to our customers, even when that loyalty might be difficult.

11. Happiness and Fun: Improved working environment, better wages & benefit and a happy staff to make our customer happy too. We strive to create a work place that is fun.

12. Competence: We provides an attractive workplace that encourages and provides opportunities for individual and organizational learning.

13. Respect & Empathy: We will always try to understand the cause of someone else’s behavior. We strive to understand our coworkers and customers and accept them, treating them as they’ll like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals.